Our incredibly flexible VoIp Telephone system is designed to fit a multitude of business models but our speciality is the Healthcare Industry. 



Partner with someone who uniquely knows your industry. We have over 10 years experience in the Healthcare Industry and over 20 years in Information Technology and the Telephone Industry.



We love to help businesses move from older, inefficient technologies to new, flexible technologies that help them grow. We strive to create a personal relationship with our customers that builds a real partnership to help them succeed.




Monitor extensions to see who is available and instantly transfer calls. Instantly view call statistics. Call recording can be enabled and reviewed at any time.



With our Redhawk Communicator app installed on your tablet you can send calls wherever you choose at any time of the day or night from any internet connected location.

Easy to use


With our Redhawk Communicator app you can break free from the office. Make calls anywhere, anytime from your office number. See who is on the phone at your office at any time. Office personnel can transfer calls to your extension and ring on your mobile. Place callers on hold and transfer calls from the app.

About Company

Redhawk Technology was founded to help fill a telecommunications void in the Healthcare Industry. In talking with our customers, we found an emerging need in the telephone and communications business to move away from expensive, on-site equipment and into a Cloud based system. Our customers wanted low capital expenditure solutions that could scale based on their business needs and to only pay for what they needed at the time.

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What we do

Redhawk Technology is your complete VoIP Telephone solution.  

Take complete control of your telephone system with our Voice Over IP communications system. Our flexible system was designed to fit a wide variety of unique business needs. Whether your business is a small single Doctor's Office, a Specialty Clinic or a Home Healthcare Agency - we can design a fully customizable telephone system to meet your complexed needs.

Some of our all inclusive features include; fully customizable ring groups, auto attendants, automatic after hours call routing to on-call staff using date and time controls, call forwarding and voicemail to email.

Communicate 24x7x365, even in emergencies: Our cloud-based infrastructure runs in locations across the country, to help your business keep going even in natural disasters. And with the Redhawk Communicator, you can even communicate from the road, customers location or anywhere you have an internet connection.

Never miss a call. You can send calls wherever you choose at any time of the day or night from any internet connected location via the Redhawk Communicator app, forwarding, or voicemail to email.

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